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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  October 23, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> this is wbal-tv 11 news. >> it is enough to make parents of college students scored. a young woman at the maryland institute college of art said she was sleeping when an intruder klein tharoor dorm room window and sexually assaulted her. we have more from the west baltimore campus. >> tons of people are locking their windows, making sure that there bly's are shut. >> freshmen students that live in the commons building react to allegations of a brazen sexual
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assault. >> i think the first tory is more vulnerable because you can get right there. technical, all the floors are vulnerable when it comes to the stairs. >> @ -- at 3:00 a.m. on wednesday, a male suspect climbed to a window and fondled and eight teen-year-old woman who was sleeping. >> during the sexual assault, he went as far to try to remove her underwear and had begun doing so. she awakened and screamed and she was able to turn on the light and the suspect fled through the window. >> of the victim's room make called police. students are assured that their drones -- their dorms are safe. officials say that as far as the commons building, it has a 24- hour security desk and students must swipe their identification to gain entry and all windows are lockable and first for windows have an extra security
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screen and there is ample lighting around the building. for those who live in the building, they say the attack is a major wake-up call. >> i first thought it was a student on the inside of the building. but then i heard it was from the actual street, so that is frightening. >> police say that they are looking at all sorts of suspects, including the possibility that the suspect may be a student or someone who was visiting the dorm. they hope to have a composite sketch in coming days. >> tonight, harper county officials are trying to ease concerns after a woman was sexually assaulted earlier this month. after today, sheriff's deputies say it is no longer considered a rape case. they did not offer much more than that, but they are emphasizing that there is not a rapist on the loose and there is no threat.
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lawyers for a convicted sniper say that he should not be executed because he is mentally ill. the request was made to the governor. the attorneys have yet to file a clemency petition. mohammad was sentenced to death before a killing during a shooting spree. a man has been sentenced for concealing his work for the iraqi government. the 48-year-old was originally indicted on conspiracy charges, but a judge dismissed those charges, sentencing him to 15 months for immigration fraud. officials say that he failed to disclose his work for the iraqi embassy in washington. >> this kind of operative, whether under cover or overt, he
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did not engage in that kind of conduct. >> as part of the plea agreement, after serving his 15 months, he will be deported back to canada. >> a hagerstown girl convicted of a hiring a friend to murder her father was sentenced today. 16-year-old daniel black was convicted as an adult. billy leave black was killed last halloween behind the family's home. she claimed she wanted to stop them from abusing her. debate over the public option is once again taking center stage in the overall debate of health care reform. lawmakers opposed to a government and assurance option say it would drive private plans out of business. advocates say it's just stirs competitions.
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>> they can choose from 1000 different insurance plans. >> i have not talked to anybody on your side that is for a public auction. >> it is unclear when the health care bill will get to the floor for debate. >> as you just saw, the debate over health care reform continues to heat up on capitol hill. at times, it boiled over. support for a public auction drew hundreds of people to the theater but both sides were about -- well represented. >> the debate out here was a symbol for the most part. >> it was planned as a rally in support of a public auction, but both sides were well represented and a debate broke out on the sidewalk. >> it was clear that none of
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these people plan on switching sides anytime soon. >> do you believe their numbers? >> we have a lower life expectancy than all of europe and japan and half of latin america. >> it does not address any of the issues that need addressing. tort reform off the top. in the meantime, it is about taking control of our freedom to choose. >> we need to make sure we are reining in a private insurers. >> inside the theater, speakers try to rally support for a public auction. >> this is a moral issue. we can send people to the moon, we should be able to take care of our fellow citizens. >> congressman cumming says that
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he is certain that the bill will include the public auction. >> there are people dying and suffering needlessly throughout this country. in many instances, they have no choices. >> the product of all these months of debate goes in the wrong direction. >> nobody disagrees the fact that there needs to be held for form. i am in the business. there has to be health reform. -- of their needs to be health reform. but this is not the bill. >> of both sides remain focused on the public option. only 12 million americans will be in the public plan. this is an admission of 300 million. bucs manufacturers of the swine flu vaccine are scrambling to catch up with the man. at this point, the majority of
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vaccines have been given to health-care workers. officials from the cdc say that production is nowhere near where they hoped it would be by now. they said that 120 million doses would be available but it is more like 16 million with 11 million on the way. 1003 swine flu vaccinations were given out in howard county today. in howard county, there were no lines. melissa carlson explains. >> the most important thing you need to do is take a big smith -- sniff. >> children received a dose of the flu mist. >> we have three elements for his school's -- three elementary
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schools receiving. >> i told you it would tickle. >> the county is offering this to other schools later this month. it is free and parents did not have to wait in long lines. >> it really is is my heart to know that we live in such a great county that does this for kids. >> of some parents did not have their children received but -- the mist. what we are trying to keep everyone healthy. -- >> we're trying to keep everyone healthy and we are happy to do it. >> this mother also plans on getting the vaccination. >> i think it is important to keep her as healthy as possible. >> schools have seen an increase in their absentee rate. >> we have been seeing our
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absentee rates creeping up over the last few months. a couple of schools have spiked at 25% absenteeism. that will happen for war two days. >> students are only part of the concern. teachers are asked to take precautions. >> we are getting shots on our own. there is a lot of hand washing and instead of high fives, we are giving elba bonds. >> -- elbow bumps. >> a clinic will offer in the midst for special needs. >> one resident has died and officials have yet to find the source of the problem. >> teams of experts are flushing
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the main water supply system in each building and going room to room. all in an effort to reduce exposure to legionella bacteria. >> we have to people on each team and we are going room to room for this process. >> the legionella bacteria is a suspected of causing residents to fall ill. >> it is not transmitted from person to person. a person can only come down with legionnaires' disease if they inhale the vapors or missed from water spray. >> experts say that finding the source is a challenge because there is no centralized system. >> we heard that this may be a benefit and we are on it. >> lab results of water samples collected from more than 100
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locations are still being analyzed. there were sent to a cdc lab in atlanta. results will not be available until late late -- late next week. residents are urged to see a doctor if they feel the symptoms. seniors that lived here are automatically considered high risk because of their age. >> lab results will not be available until next week and come with a caveat. the cdc says that the results to always pinpoint the source. >> -- do not always pinpoint the source. >> coming up, you will see why the star is trying to keep young people from leading a life of crime. >> wind speed this -- when thieves stole a man's right, that is not all they got. he says keep the jeep, just give me back my dog. >> what had to so involved that you missed the airport and what
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else could you have missed. >> that is the question investigators want answers to. we will hear from a passenger that was on that we were flat. tonight, you will hear from the man who dropped to his knees in prayer it mid robbery. >> rain is moving to our region as -- is the weekend going to be a complete washout? right now, it is
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>> cockpit voice recorders from that jet that flew past as destination is in washington. flight 188 from san diego to minneapolis was delayed for nearly two hours because it flew 150 miles past its destination and was out of communication with the tower. the pilots told investigators that they were in a heated discussion and they lost track of the radio and flight path. the plane when all the way to wisconsin before pilots realized
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they missed the airport. >> at one point, they announced that we would be landing in 20 minutes. about 50 minutes later, they announced that we would be landing in 15 minutes. and then it was a longer period of time after that. >> officials hope to find out more when the interview the two pilots next week. a man is behind bars and night and he says he is sorry. gregory's met walked into a check cashing store and said he was forced to steal. when -- the victim's started crying and praying and that is when he joined her. >> i was dumb enough to actually try to do it. >> according to police, he does have a criminal record.
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he says he is ready to face the consequences of his actions. >> a heartbreaking moment for an army sergeant. on wednesday, somebody jumped into his cheek with his three month-old puppy inside and drove off. you can help bring the two together again. >> when a man stole the sergeant's car, he not only took his car, he stole his best friend. police are looking for this jeep grand cherokee. inside the stolen vehicle was his dog. >> as soon as he tore out of the park and like, i knew something was wrong. i did not care about the car. i did not care about anything else. i don't want anything bad to happen to my dog. >> the dog was in a kennel in the back of the stolen car. >> she is a totals week heart
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and she actually has a brown head and the rest of her body is brown and white. >> police have no leads. >> if he is watching this, i could care less about the car. i just want the dog did you can drop off with one of the police departments or have a friend bring a can or take it to animal control because i call them all the time. >> we have had some scattered showers moving through. so far, the brain has not been real heavy. we will not have a completely washed out weekend. we may even get a rumble of thunder. we are seeing a lessening chance of rain in the weekend. sunday looks like your best they to be outside. right now, it is kind of wet.
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most of the rain in the state of maryland is central and east and there are couple of scattered showers near oakland. and this could blossom a bit as it travels east. that might bring as a little clap of thunder. that is all developing out ahead of a front that will be moving through tomorrow. the almanac for today show slight amounts of precipitation. temperatures are fairly normal for this time of year. the high-temperature at the airport -- it was 80 in richmond and 78 at the cape. there is a huge temperature contrasts. tomorrow, with a south wind, some of that warmer air will be
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moving north. it is 72 in cambridge and 70 down a kriz field. 66 in leonard town while it is only in the low 60s in baltimore. there will be a little warm up tomorrow and temperatures will stay mild overnight. a cold front is beginning to return as a warm front and tomorrow will be unseasonably mild. the next cold front coming across the mountains bring the chance of a shower or thunderstorm, but by tomorrow evening, that front should be moving out of here. by 8:00 p.m., the showers will move towards the coast and skies will clear route. -- clear up. watch for issue -- a few showers
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tomorrow. 58 with showers and the mountains and scattered showers. around the bay, scattered showers and an occasional thunderstorms. it should clear up for ocean city on sunday. winds could gust at 30 knots tomorrow. your seven-day forecast has sunday for -- sunny skies for sunday and monday and temperatures next week or close to normal. >> tonight, you will see how a local actress is using her star power to do some good. the first lady got some laughs in prime time tonight.
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>> an actress from the wire is using her star power to help inner-city children. she held a comedy show fund- raiser to support at rescue. the program is called "rewired for life." she is now serving for the department of human services as -- >> michelle obama made a special guest a share -- appearance on the jail and a show. jay tried to dig up a little dirt on the president. >> the most annoying habit the president has? >> oh, we don't have an of time.
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[laughter] >> would you rather have world peace or have the white sox win the world series. [laughter] >> that is a tough one. if you would ask him, he would say he would probably prefer world peace, but he would not mind the world series bit, too. >> of course, the jay leno show airs every weeknight at 10:00 p.m., followed by 11 news tonight. >> it is another big day of offense.
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it's all part of why the jetta, is the top-selling german-engineered sedan in america.
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>> now, a love of sports with pete gilbert. >> our extra points high school than a boat week includes eastern attack. any time the mavericks have a chance to vote on, they represent well. in the rain, the mavericks' quarterback makes a better choice to stay on the ground and follows his blockers and directs traffic and has just enough speed and stays in bounds. they had a moment on the events. there was a loss of a yard on
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the plate. -- on the plate. -- on the play. eastern tech rolls past, 43-12. dunbar and edmonds and had a defensive struggle. patrick witherspoon through it deep. --threw it d. --deep. evans was there for the pick. no score 43 quarters. at dunbar finally gets on the board. that is it, dunbar knocks of edmundston.
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30 yards for ronald harris, 7-0 your score. there were similar looking and the same result. the score was 14-0. joseph blackwell threw for 32 yards but had set up one. they are now the champions, 60- 0. they hooked up with michael turner. it is a big game down the sideline. we set up the score, 6-0. in the second quarter, they looked ready for more. in the in some. it was still 6-0.
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up top, they were having a fine afternoon. steel bowl of his way through at. it was 13-0 at the half. they blanketed the crusaders 20- 0. for scores form all around the region -- from all around the region just log onto a few more days of rest for the ravens. we have a weekend off. we are doing even more. a one-hour special for you tomorrow on the season so far. we will also take a look at these second career. he is a talk show host on wbal radio. mason finds himself asking questions, too. he takes on a greater role behind a microphone. >> when i actually do it, i said
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i would drive this bus more this year. i was for it. it was sort of a challenge for me. not only to sit in the background but to be in the forefront. forefront. >> once again, my sunglasses! ♪ ♪
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people say i'm forgetful. (horn honks) ♪ maybe that's why we go to so many memorable places. the all-new subaru outback. love the road you're on. senators mikulski and cardin have been leaders, fighting to make health care more affordable and to make sure seniors have access to the medicines their doctor prescribes. now maryland senators can improve medicare and help close the donut hole without raising premiums on seniors by as much as 20%, which some proposals would do. call today -- ask senators mikulski and cardin to support the senate health care reform bill. because we can improve medicare without making seniors pay more.


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